Monday, 4 February 2013

Segway fun


There are some things in life that you see on the TV, or read an article about, and it'll immediateley be one of those things that you must get around to doing one day.  And quite often it just never happens.

Segways for me was one of those things.  I'd seen them many years ago on the TV, was intrigued about how they work, how can a simple gyroscope stop you from falling off what appears to be an unbalanced lump of metal on two wheels with a handle.

So when we moved to Glencoe and realised that new off road versions of the segways were available for hire down at the Dragons tooth golf course, it was just something that had to be done.

Ann's parents, sister and brother in law were all visiting, so we all went on mass, to have a go.  Filled with a little intrepidation, we all received some instruction on how to get on board, dismount and go forward and steer.  And I really couldn't believe how easy they were to master.  Within a couple of minutes, I was hurtling up and down the tracks as the others got thier instruction.

We had about an hour of off road riding all around the golf course, up hill, down hill through the trees and across the course - it really was fantastic fun and I'd thoroughly recommend it.  The video of me above turning the segway around on the spot and playing around, really it just about 10 minutes after having my first go.  If you're in the area, have a go.  And remember - it's not just for the young - Ann's dad Norman is in his 70's and found it just as easy to master.

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